Investigation on Different Cigarette Papers and Its Influence on Tobacco Smoke Chemical Composition
1. Investigation on Indexes of Different Cigarette Papers

Tobacco and Tobacco products Institute, BG - 4108 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


NIKOLOV, N. and S. GEORGIEV, 2004. Investigation on different cigarette papers and its influence on tobacco smoke chemical composition. 1. Investigation on indexes of different cigarette papers. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 10: 469-472

In present work are investigated quality indexes of different cigarette papers with which we work in Bulgaria, production of different firms - producers. The aim is determination of normative values of indexes and their varying. The results show comparatively small varying in moisture, thickness and width of papers as air permeability and draw strength vary in significant bigger range. The tendency is expressed to increasing of strength and air permeability of different type cigarette papers.

Key words: cigarette paper, permeability