Breeding Assessment of Monogerm Male-Sterile Sugar Beet Lines

Agricultural Institute, BG - 9700 Shumen, Bulgaria


KIKINDONOV, G., 2004. Breeding assessment of monogerm male-sterile sugar beet lines. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 10: 457-463

Some of the basic biological and economic qualities of newly created monogerm male-sterile sugar beet lines are reported. The high pollen sterility (over 95.0%) of the studied diploid monogerm lines is combined with practical monogermity and high germination of their seeds. The significantly lower sterility of the tetraploid lines is not an obstacle for the successful hybridization with multigerm pollinators because of the much higher vitality of pollinators' pollen. But the low seed germination of the tetraploid lines limits their use as maternal components in the hybridization. The diploid monogerm male-sterile lines MS98119, MS9920 and MS9922 combine good biological characteristics with high own productivity and technological indices. The tetraploid monogerm lines have better technological qualities. The line MS99142 is the best tetraploid combination of biological and economic qualities. The heterosis effect in the white sugar yield from triploid hybrids of the studied monogerm lines with multigerm pollinators is an indication for the good combining ability of these lines and proves their high breeding value.

Key words: sugar beet, monogerm, male-sterile, combining ability
Abbreviations: MM - multigerm, MS - male-sterile