New Record of a Fungal Pathogen on White Peach Scale Pseudaulacaspis Pentagona (Targ. - Tozz.) (Homoptera: Diaspididae) in Bulgaria

Plant Protection Institute, BG - 2230 Kostinbrod, Bulgaria


DRAGANOVA, S., 2004. New record of a fungal pathogen on White peach scale Pseudaulacaspis pentagona (Targ. - Tozz.) (Homoptera: Diaspididae) in Bulgaria. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 10: 453-455

The armored scale insect Pseudaulacaspis pentagona (Targ. - Tozz.) (Homoptera: Diaspididae) is an important agricultural pest, currently restricted to the south-west region of Bulgaria around the towns of Petrich and Sandanski. Dead insects were observed in a peach orchard near Petrich and over 200 specimens with evidence of fungal infection were collected in spring 2001 and 2002. It was established that fungal infections were caused by a pathogen belonging to the species Fusarium larvarum Fuckel (Nectria aurantiicola Berk. & Br., Hypocreales, Ascomycotina), which has never previously been reported from Bulgaria. The fungus has been isolated in pure culture.

Key words: armoured scale insect, Pseudaulacaspis pentagona, entomopathogenic fungi, Fusarium larvarum (Nectria aurantiicola), epizootics