A Study on the Semen Characteristic and Sexual Activity of One-and Two-Year Old Muscovy Drakes

Agricultural University, Department of Animal Husbandry, BG-4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


GERZILOV, V., 2004. A study on the semen characteristic and sexual activity of one- and two-year old muscovy drakes, Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 10: 143-148

A study was conducted on the age changes of the semen production and sexual activity of 17 Muscovy drakes during their first and second reproductive season (April-July). LS-means of the ejaculate volume, sperm motility, sperm concentration and sexual activity were 1.23 ± 0.02 ml, 75.16 ± 0.48 %, 1715 ± 54 spz x 106/ ml and 89.57 ± 2.87 %, respectively, during the first reproductive season and 1.16 ± 0.03 ml, 69.52 ± 0.57 %, 2297 ± 62 spz x 106/ ml and 69.68 ± 2.87 % during the second one. The variance analysis showed that the age had an influence on the sperm motility (P<0.001), the sperm concentration (P<0.001) and the sexual activity (P<0.001), but it did not exert an effect on the ejaculate volume. Significant differences were reported in the semen production and sexual activity of Muscovy drakes at the given age and concerning the age changes of each one of them. In five of the drakes (29.41 %) the sexual activity decreased by more than 40 % during their second reproductive season.

Key words: Muscovy drake, age, semen, sexual activity