From Precision Viticulture Standpoint Some Technological Progresses

University of Trakya, Department of Horticulture, 59030 Tekirdag, Turkey


DEMIR KOK, ELMAN BAHAR, ILKUR KORKUTAL and SALIH CELIK, 2004. From precision viticulture standpoint some technological progresses. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 10: 43-46

Due to its capability of delivering actual information about soil and plant cover, remote sensing is considerable an integral tool for practical application of agriculture. Development of satellite based technologies provide significant point of view for not only science world but also agricultural activities to accurately measure variation in crop's yield and soil. Precision farming is a new agriculture technology and seemly for viticulture, which is designed to monitor, analyze and control grapevine production for optimizing of cost and ecological effects. In this system, great amount of data are collected for controlling of process and throughout of this process, this obtained data are made analysis via a computer. So, using of these new technologies are gradually becoming more important and images, which are taken from airplane and satellites help growers ripening rate, disease incidence, soil drainage and fruit quality. With these recent technologies, which are scanning of vineyards from above, viticulturists can improve their grape quality and yield per acre.

Key words: precision viticulture, satellite-based systems, gps (global positioning system), gis (geographic information systems)