Possibilities of Substituting Soybean Meal and Fish Meal with Maize Gluten in the Compound Feeds for Growing Pigs

1 Agricultural Institute, BG-9700 Shumen, Bulgaria
2 Agricultural Institute in ZamoϾ, Szczebrzeska 102, 22-400 ZamoϾ, Poland


KANEV, D., R. NEDEVA, B. SZOSTAK, M. KIROV and Y. MARCHEV, 2003. Possibilities of substituting soybean meal and fish meal with maize gluten in the compound feeds for growing pigs. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 9: 257–260

A production trial with growing pigs was carried out at the Agricultural Institute – Shumen. The animals from the Danube White breed were allocated in three groups of 19 animals (10 castrated males and 9 females). During the whole growing period the animals from first group (control group) received compound feed, which contained as protein ingredients – soybean meal (18%) and fish meal (3.5%) without maize gluten. In the compound feed of the pigs from second group 50% of the soybean meal was substituted by protein and lysine equivalent with maize gluten and in the compound feed of the pigs from third group 100% of the fish meal was substituted by maize gluten.
The pigs from the three groups practically consumed equal amount of compound feed, digestible energy, protein and lysine. The average daily gain of the animals from first, second and third group was 0.400, 0.420 and 0.433 kg respectively. The feed conversion per 1 kg gain in the pigs from the three groups was 3.48, 3.30 and 3.22 respectively. The cost of compound feed needed for 1 kg gain was cheaper in second group by 2.5% and in third group it was cheaper by 8% compared to that of the control animals.

Key words: maize gluten, growing pigs, daily gain, weaned pigs, compound feed