Amino Acid Composition of Milk from the Bulgarian Murrah Buffalo Cows

Agricultural Institute, BG-9700 Shumen, Bulgaria


TZANKOVA, M., and K. DIMOV, 2003. Amino acid composition of milk from the Bulgarian Murrah buffalo cows. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 9: 533–536

Amino acid composition of buffalo milk from the Bulgarian Murrah breed was analyzed. It was established that milk protein of buffalo milk had favourable biological proportion between essential and non-essential amino acids. The content of essential amino acids was 16.55 g (41.61 %) and of non-essential ones – 23.23 g (58.40 %). The seasonal amino acid composition of buffalo milk is relatively stable. Methionine is the limiting amino acid and its content (67 %) expresses the amino acid index of milk as foodstuff.

Key words: Bulgarian Murrah, season, milk, protein, amino acids