Effect of Some Genetic and Nongenetic Factors on Productive and Reproductive Traits in Bulgarian Murrah Buffalo Cows

Agricultural Institute, BG-9700 Shumen, Bulgaria


PENCHEV, P., 2002. Effect of some genetic and nongenetic factors on productive and reproductive traits in Bulgarian Murrah cows. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 8: 413–416

The present study involves information about the period 1976–1997 and comprises 6835 Bulgarian Murrah cows raised on eleven farms in Bulgaria.
A highly significant effect of the genetic factor genealogical line on the productive and reproductive traits in adult buffaloes was established; with highest milk yield and butter fat of Valchan 637 and lowest of Youpi 10 and Boiko 635. The highest milk content belongs to Youpi 10 and the lowest to Boiko 635. The line of Valchan 637 has shortest calving interval and Boiko 635 – longest, while Youpi 10 is characterized with oldest age of first calving.
All environmental sources of variance have affected the selection traits with moderate to high significance. The buffaloes calved in spring and winter produce more milk and have longer lactation periods. The shortest calving interval belongs to the adult cows calved in summer and the longest – to the ones calved in winter.
It was also established highest milk production and shortest calving interval on the farm of Yavoretz and worsening of the productive traits after 1990 in all herds.

Key words: Bulgarian Murrah, genetic and nongenetic factors, LS-analysis