Comparison of Data from Spectrophotometer SPECORD UV VIS and Photocolorimeter CFC-2 in Analysis of the Extractable Pigment Substances in Ground Red Pepper

Institute for Horticulture and Canning, BG-4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


PEVICHAROVA, G. and H. MANUELYAN, 2002. Comparison of data from spectrophotometer SPECORD UV VIS and photocolorimeter CFC-2 in analysis of the extractable pigment substances in ground red pepper. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 8: 33-36

The possibility for mutual replacebility of the two apparatuses (spectrophotometer SPECORD UV VIS and photocolorimeter CFC-2) in analysis of the extractable pigment substances in ground red pepper was investigated. In the spectrophotometer the absorbance was red at λ = 454 nm – I peak (ExI) and at λ = 500 nm – II peak of the spectrogram (ExII). In the common colorimeter the absorbance was read with standard filters to the apparatus, transmissing the light to the highest degree at λ = 440 nm (ExI) and λ = 490 nm (ExII). It was established that the correlation coefficient, obtained as a result of the study, shows that both apparatuses can be substituted mutually in determination not only of extractable pigment quantity, but also of quality in red pepper. Using the regression equation y = 0.35x + 0.61 when x is ExI/ExII read in SPECORD UV VIS and y is ExI/ExII read in CFC-2 it can calculate the ratio of yellow-coloured and red-coloured pigments.

Key words: ground red pepper, ASTA, SPECORD UV VIS, CFC-2, quantity, quality