Polar Lipids in Muscle Tissue of Large White and Eastern Balkan Swine Breeds.
II. Oxydative Type Muscle

Institute of Cryobiology and Feeding Technologies, BG-1407 Sofia, Bulgaria


TSVETKOVA, V. and G. DIMITROV, 2002. Polar lipids in muscle tissue of Large White and Eastern Balkan swine breeds. II. Oxydative type muscle. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 8: 393–398

Six female pigs each of the breeds Large White and Eastern Balkan swine were slaughtered at live weight of 100 kg and 90 kg respectively and from the middle part of mTb samples were taken for immediate analysis (1st period), after two (2nd period) and five (3rd period) months of storage at –25 °C. The influence of the breed differences upon the composition and the content of the total and individual phospholipids and upon the fatty acid composition of PC and PE was studied.
The oxidative mTb of Eastern Balkan swine shows a higher level of total lipids, lower content of total phospholipids and of PE compared to those in Large White, and the PC fraction is close for both studied breeds. The fatty acids composition of the two major individual phospholipids – PC and PE of Eastern Balkan swine has more saturated content, characterized by lower level of 18:2 and particularly that of the essential arachidonic acid. PE of the studied muscle of the two breeds contains significantly greater amounts of 16:0, 18:0 and 18:1 aldehydes in comparison with those in PC. During the 2nd and 3rd periods of storage no appreciable drop in the concentration of the long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids of PC and PE was determined for both swine breeds.
The lipid composition and content of the oxidative mTb in Eastern Balkan swine markedly assist the good flavour and the opportunity to store meat production at low temperatures.

Key words: Large White, Eastern Balkan swine, mTb, phospholipids
Abbreviations: PC – phosphatidylcholine; PE – phospatidylethanolamine; mTb – musculus Triceps brachii; DMA – dimethylacetat; L-PC – lysophosphatidylcholine; CL – cardiolipine; PS – phospatidylserine