Progeny Testing of Arabian Stallions Regarding the Estimations from the Complex Assessment

Agricultural Institute, BG–9700 Shumen, Bulgaria


SABEVA, I. and A. APOSTOLOV, 2002. Progeny testing of Arabian stallions regarding the estimations from the complex assessment. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 8: 399–403

The research was done on the basis of complex assessment of 138 horses from the Arabian breed, born during the last two generation intervals in “Kabiuk” stud. The breeding value of 13 stallions, representatives of 5 genealogical lines, regarding the estimation of origin and typicality, exterior and quality of the gaits was estimated.
The sires, the mothers, the sex, the years of birth and the breeding type influenced the phenotypic variety of the traits at different degrees of probability.
Complex improvers were the stallions Zlotnik, Zaslon, Zefir from the line of Kuhailan Afas. Zaslon and Zefir acted in the Shagia type and contributed to a great extent to the improvement of the mechanic of movements. The representatives of Skovronec were deteriorators for a large part of the studied traits. The stallion Pasash from the line of Pamuk was an improver only of the body measurements. The offspring of Fram from the line of Ferro exceeded their coevals regarding the origin, typicality, body measurements and the estimations of the head, neck and corpus.

Key words: horse breeding, Arabian breed, progeny testing