Need for an Agri-Environmental Policy in Bulgaria

Institute of Agrarian Economics, BG-1605 Sofia, Bulgaria


HRISTOVA, M. K. , 2001. Need for an agri-environmental policy in Bulgaria. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 7: 549-558

The article presents a short overview of the present state and problems related to soil and water resources in Bulgaria. In general, there is an improvement in the state of environment and less pressure for agriculture. In some cases negative impacts of agricutlrual activities are observed as it is disscussed in the text. The agricultural policy does not have as goal the protection of the environment. Legal and institutional framework may be defined as basis for a better agri-environmental policy if the coordination of activities and strengthining of institutions get better. Examples of agricultural supports with negative impact on the environment are discussed. The implementation of the agri-environmental measures is supported by the environment ministry. These measures are compared with the measures undertaken by the agricultural ministry.
Finally, the role of SAPARD Programme for the improvement of the environment is commented as well as the need for the implementation of a national programme of agri-environmental measures. Proposals for further changes and improvement of the policies in order to respond to the requirements of sustainable development are made.

Key words: agricultural policy, environmental policy, agri-environmental measures, SAPARD Programme