Level of Some Technogene Radionucleides in the Milk of Different Species Productive Animals

Research Buffalo Institute with Biotechnology Center, BG-9700 Shumen, Bulgaria


BOIKOVSKI, S. and M. TZANKOVA, 2001. Level of some technogene radionucleides in the milk of different species productive animals. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 7: 653-654

At the Research Buffalo Institute – Shumen, there was carried out a study on the level of some technogene radionucleids in the milk of buffalo cows, cows, sheep and goats on the background of presumable radioactive pollution as a result from air attacks in Yugoslavia.
The results of the study showed that permanent radioactive pollution of the fodder and the natural pasture lacked in the region of Shumen. There was established that not only at permanent radioactive pollution of the fodder consumed by milk animals, but also when there no is such pollution (on the momentary radioactive background) the buffalo milk turned out to be the purest because of a peculiarity of metabolism of technogene radionucleids in the milk gland of these animals.

Key words: buffalo milk, radionucleids