Composition of Buffalo Milk. Sources of Specific Effects on the Separate Components

Agricultiral Institute, Buffalo Breeding Department, BG – 9700 Shoumen, Bulgaria


PEEVA, Tz., 2001. Composition of buffalo milk. Sources of specific effects on the separate components. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 7: 329-335

There was conducted a study on 2348 milk samples of buffalo cows from Bulgarian Murrah breed, from the herd of the Research Buffalo Institute in order to estimate the influence of different sources of variance on the components of buffalo milk. The study spanned the period 1994-1999.
Individual milk samples (A-4) from morning and evening milking for normal (210-305 days) lactation were used. A linear model with fixed effects: genealogical line (i = 1....4); calving season (j = 1...4); number of lactation (m = 1....11) and month of lactation (n = 1....11) was used to define the effect of influence of the different sources of variance.
The total LS average estimations of fat (%), protein (%), lactose (%), dry matter (%) and dry fat free residual (%) are 7.94, 4.49, 4.86, 17.72 and 9.95 respectively. The number of the lactation month influences significantly the components of milk. The number of lactation has a comparatively lower influence on the lactose, protein and dry fat free residual. The genealogical line has a slightly expressed effect on the content of lactose (F = 8.84***) and on the milk components.

Key words: buffalo milk, fat, protein, lactose