Seed Dormancy in Lettuce Seeds (Lactuca sativa L.) and its Relation with Plant Vegetation Periods

Institute for Plant Genetic Resources “K. Malkov”, BG-4122 Sadovo, Bulgaria


STOYANOVA, S. D. and St. N. NEYKOV, 2001. Seed dormancy in lettuce seeds (Lactuca sativa L.) and its relation with plant vegetation periods. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 7: 115-120

28 lettuce accessions of different origin are used to study the post-harvest dormancy in seeds. The time needed for improvement of seed viability to 90% (p90) is estimated to compare the differences between genotypes. This period varies from 3.17 days to 50.56 days and it does not depend to the geographical origin.
Between technical maturation, bolting and blossoming time of lettuce plants are observed closed correlation. Relations between post-harvest seed dormancy and described plant development phases are not confirmed statistically. However the application of cluster analysis (Ward's method) illustrates that in particular cases such relation could be expected.

Key words: lettuce, seeds, dormancy, plant maturity, bolting, blossoming time, genotypes variation