Estimation of the Breeding Value of Stallions from Arabian Breed Regarding the Basic Body Measurements

Agricultural Institute, BG-9700 Shoumen, Bulgaria


SABEVA, I., 2001. Estimation of the breeding value of stallions from Arabian breed regarding the basic body measurements. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 7: 77-80

There was carried out progeny testing of the stallions from Thoroughbred Arabian breed and Shagia type who acted during the last two generation intervals in the Kabiuk stud. The estimations of the breeding value were calculated by the procedure BLUP, with minimum size of the progeny groups of three horses having measurements for height at withers, body length, chest girth and cannon girth at age of three.
In the herd of thoroughbred Arabian horses, the stallions Moment and Eliot from the line of Skovronec and Neapol from the line of Mansur were bearers of genetic progress regarding three body measurements at least. The highest genetic superiority belonged to Moment and Neapol who left massive offsprings with large body size and proportionally developed system.
All stallions from Shagia type were improvers of the height at withers and most of the rest traits. The genetic superiority of the stallions from the line of Pamuk is well performed. Good genetic link with the broodmares was realized by the stallion Eliot. It is the only thoroughbred sire, whose progeny exceeds in three body measurements the average values of the two breeding types. The others thoroughbred stallions have low breeding value for almost all body measurements.

Key words: stallions, Arabian breed, breeding value, body measurements