The Influence of Rootstock on the Growth and Productivity of Three Apricot Cultivars

Apricot Research Station, BG – 7500 Silistra, Bulgaria


DIMITROVA, M., 2001. The influence of rootstock on the growth and productivity of three apricot cultivars. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 7: 161-166

The behaviour of trees of Early Kishinevska, Hungarian Apricot and Umberto cvs. had been observed for a term including different age periods of their life. Seedlings of Aidemirska (P. cerasifera), Peach – D 12 (P. vulgaris) and Ouhrepka (P. insititia) rootstocks were tested. Aidemirska rootstock induced great vigour. The growth was slighter on Ouhrepka. As a whole the highest yield during the trial has been obtained from the combinations Early Kishinevska and Umberto cvs. with Aidemirska rootstock and Hungarian apricot cv. with Peach-D 12 rootstock. The lifetime of the apricot trees depends on the rootstocks used. The highest percentage of dead trees has been recorded in the combinations with Ouhrepka rootstock.

Key words: rootstock, cultivars, graft