Rooting Promotion by Auxins and Other Factors Controlling Rhizogenesis in vitro in Azalea, cv. Doberlug


Institute of Floriculture, BG-1258. Negovan, Sofia, Bulgaria


HARALAMPIEVA, V. and B. ATANASSOVA, 2000. Rooting promotion by auxins and other factors controlling rhizogenesis in vitro in Azalea, cv. Doberlug. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 6: 665-668

The research involved the most commonly used auxins IAA and IBA for rooting promotion of microplantlets of Azalea, cv. Doberlug. After adding 2 mg/l IBA to the basal medium, the rooting percentage increased and though it was the optimal concentration, still the rootability was too low. Other factors - adding liquid media during micropropagation phase to increase the length of shoots as well as reduced mineral media were tested to determine their effect. The best results were achieved after transferring the microplantlets to highly reduced mineral media (1/10 MS) without adding auxins.

Key words: in vitro, rooting, auxins, azalea