Plant Regeneration from Leaf Tissues of Apple Cultivars Granny Smith, Morspur Golden and Starkrimson


Fruit Growing Institute, BG-4004 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


GERCHEVA, P., T. ANDINOVA and K. IVANOVA, 2000. Plant regeneration from leaf tissues of apple cultivars Granny Smith, Morspur Golden and Starkrimson. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 6: 637-643

The influence of the nutrient media content (mineral salts, plant growth regulators, carbohydrates) and genotype on the regeneration from leaf segments of apple cultivars Granny Smith, Morspur Golden and Starkrimson was studied.
Nutrient media based on MS macro and micro salts, 2.5 mM IBA 7.5 mM TDZ induced the best regenerative reply for all the cultivars. Optimal saccharose/sorbitol ratio for Morspur Golden (53% regeneration) and Granny Smith (87% regeneration) was found 29.2 mM / 109.8 mM and for Starkrimson (100% regeneration) – 29.2 mM / 164.7 mM.
Differences in regenerative rate and callus formation percentage of the three cultivars were reported that probably were due to genome features.

Key words: apple, in vitro, regeneration, TDZ, sorbitol
Abbreviations: TDZ – thidiazuron; IBA – indole-3-butyric acid; NAA – a-naphthaleneacetic acid; GAç – gibberellinic acid; CH – casein hydrolisate; MS – Murashige & Skoog; LS – Linsmaier & Skoog; N6 – Nitsch