Strategy of Wheat Breeding in Bulgaria


Institute for Wheat and Sunflower "Dobroudja", BG-9520 General Toshevo, Bulgaria


PANAYOTOV, I., 2000. Strategy of wheat breeding in Bulgaria. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 6: 513-523

The modern classical wheat breeding have been accepted in Bulgaria has more than 50 years history. During this time several principals are accepted as rules and they are:
1. The optimal stem height is 85-95 cm; 2. Resistance or tolerance to the main diseases; 3. Tolerance to drought; 4. Cold resistance a little less than Bezostaya 1; 5. Good and high grain quality.
Mainly three types of cultivars have been and will be created:

- High grain quality group,
- Ecological-adaptable type with a good quality and economically effective,
- High productive type with moderate quality.
By using such cultivars the average yield in the country reached during 1990 4.55 t/ha. The breeding gain is 2.5 % annually for yield capacity.

Key words: wheat breading, Bulgaria, strategy