Growth Intensity and Some Morphological Peculiarities of F1 of Blackthorn (Pr. spinosa) x Topalka* Plum (Pr. domestica) Combination


Institute of Highland Animal Husbandry and Agriculture, BG-5600 Troyan, Bulgaria


MINEV, I., 2000. Growth intensity and some morphological peculiarities of F1 of Blackthorn (Pr. spinosa) x Topalka plum (Pr. domestica) combination. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 6: 415-418

Progeny of 20 between species hybrids of F1 of Blackthorn (Pr. spinosa) x Topalka plum (Pr. domestica) combination has been obtained. The basic characteristics of tree growth intensity and leaf size have been studied.
The progeny plants are characterized with high growth intensity. The crown volume of 12-year trees is within 4.3 to 18.7 m3 and it is 12 m3 in half of the trees. The trunk diameter is within 28 to 51 cm, being 40 cm in a predominant number of trees. The growth intensity of progeny plants is considerably different from blackthorn and is close to the father form, i.e. the Topalka plum.
The hybrids are characterized with comparatively large leaves. The leaf lamina length of shoots in a predominant number of plants is within 50 to 60 mm.
The inheritance of leaf size of shoots and short branches is of the intermediate type and is closer to the father parent, i.e. the Topalka plum.

Key words: plums, between species hybrids, growth intensity, trunk diameter, crown height and volume