Effect of Oxadiargyl on the Weeds of Allium cepa L. and Soil Biological Activity


Plant Protection Institute, BG-2230 Kostinbrod, Bulgaria


NIKOLOVA, V. and G. BAEVA, 2000. Effect of oxadiargyl on the weeds of Allium cepa L. and soil biological activity. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 6: 533-537

The present study deals with the efficiency of oxadiargyl herbicide raft 800 WG for weed control, its selectivity in seed onions for onion production and its effect on the quantity of some actively developing soil microorganisms. The herbicide was applied post planting, prior to onion and weed germination at a dose of 28 g/dka active ingredient.
It has been established that oxadiargyl in a dose of 28 g/dka is efficient for control of annual dicotyledonous and grass weeds and it is selective for onions. Oxadiargyl has no negative effect on soil biological activity.

Key words: weed, A. cepa, herbicide, soil microorganisms, yield
Abbreviations: WG water soluble granules