Studies on the Efficiency on Fungicides from Plant Origin Towards Rust from Oil Rose


Agricultural University, Department of Agroecology, BG-4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


NIKOLOV, A., 2000. Studies on the efficiency on fungicides from plant origin towards rust from oil rose. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 6: 495-498

Study on formulated as fungicides plant extracts T.T from Rutaceae, T.O from Compositae and A.D from Umbelliferae for control of Phragmidium mucronatum has been carried out under laboratory and field conditions. It was established that plant extract T.T at rates 0.2 0.7% showed between 91 100% technical efficiency (T.E); T.O at rates 0.25 0.7% between 89 100% T.E, and A.D 0.05 0.3%, between 84 100% against rust on oil rose under lab conditions. In the field formulated TTS in 0.5% showed between 92-96% T.E; TOS in 0.5% 93-95%, and ADS in 0.1% 100% T.E -respectively/for 1998 1999/. In this concentrations the new fungicides haven't negative effect of roses.

Key words: fungicide, rust, oil rose, Phragmidium mucronatum