Population-genetic Study of Apis mellifera L. in Bulgaria

P. Popov1, E. Ivanova1, I. Dobrovolov2, B. Dimitrov3 and P. Tersieva2

1Department of Genetics, University of Plovdiv, BG 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2 Institute of Fish Resoursce, BG 9000 Varna, Bulgaria
3 Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Genetics, BG 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria


Popov, P., E. Ivanova, I. Dobrovolov, B. Dimitrov and P. Tersieva, 2000. Population-genetic study of Apis mellifera L. in Bulgaria. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 6: 433-438

The soluble proteins, nonspecific esterases, NAD and NADP dependent malatedehydrogenases and superoxidedismutases were studied in three domesticated populations of Apis mellifera from three regions of South Bulgaria. Thirty-nine enzyme and non-enzyme loci, eight of them being polymorphic, were estimated. The allele and genotype frequencies were investigated and the genetic analysis of the populations studied was performed regarding the range of polymorphysm and heterozygosity. The possibility to use genetic characteristics to compare local bees with bees from different parts of the world was discussed.

Key words: polymorphism, soluble proteins, isoenzyme, Apis mellifera