Effect of Agrometeorological Conditions and Fertilization on the Yield of Barley, Grown on Carbonate Chernozem in Northwest Bulgaria


Complex Experimental Station, BG-3600 Lom, Bulgaria


STAMBOLIEV, M., E. DAVIDKOV and K. TSVETANOVA, 2000. Effect of agrometeorological conditions and fertilization on the yield of barley, grown on carbonate chernozem in Northwest Bulgaria. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 6: 655-659

In the years, favorable for the development of barley, grown on carbonate chernozem in Northwest Bulgaria, at 27% probability, yield increase can reach 203 kg/dka at fertilization rate N10P8, compared to fertilization with N4. The value of multifactor correlation coefficient between the quantity of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers applied and the yield is R = 0.97. In medium favorable years, at 42% probability, the difference between yields of the two variants is smaller 93 kg/dka at a value of the multifactor correlation coefficient R = 0.92. In unfavorable years, at 31% probability, there is no effect from fertilization (R = 0.03).

Key words: agrometeorological conditions, fertilization effect, multifactor linear correlation and regression relationships