Macro-Anatomical Investigation of the Effects on Feeding Fowl with a Diet Containing Red Hot Pepper on the Uropygial Gland of the Cocks (Gallus domesticus)


Uludag University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Anatomy, Bursa Turkey


SERBEST, A., 2000. Macro-anatomical investigation of the effects of feeding fowl with a diet containing red hot pepper on the uropygial gland of the cocks (Gallus domesticus). Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 6: 371-376

The effect of being fed with diet containing red hot pepper on the uropygial gland in cocks (Gallus domesticus) was investigated comparatively from the macro-anatomical perspective. For this reason, 100 male chicks were used. The chicks which were 50 in number forming control group were fed with normal chicken diet and the rest of the chicks which were also 50 in number forming experimental group were fed on with diet, given to control group, into which red hot pepper was added in the diet of 1% (10 g for 1 kg feed). The research was began with newly hatched chicks and lasted 5 months.
The weight of the uropygial gland, the values related to the size of right and left lobes of the uropygial gland, and the length of papilla glandula uropygialis were found a slightly higher in experimental group cocks compared to control group cocks in due course of 5 month research period. The differences related to the values of glands between control and experimental groups were found as statistically insignificant except weight of uropygial gland at 4 months age. Whereas, the differences within groups both in control and experimental groups were found as significant in the levels of P < 0.05, to P < 0.001.

Key words: cock (Gallus domesticus), red hot pepper, uropygial gland, macro-anatomy