Estimation of the Breeding Value of Stallions from Arabian Breed Regarding the Race Abilities


Buffalo Research Institute with Biotechnology Center, BG-9700 Shoumen, Bulgaria


SABEVA, I., 2000. Estimation of the breeding value of stallions from Arabian breed regarding the race abilities. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 6: 473-476

The study is based on the results from the trails in flat races of Arabian horses, born in Kabiuk stud during the last two generation intervals. The traits race time, speed and earnings were analyzed. The progeny testing was calculated by BLUP method. For each trait there were used adequate in structure models, well describing the phenotypic variance (R2 0.5).
Of all acted sires in the thoroughbred arabian herd, improvers of race time, speed and earnings were the stallions Zlotnik and Zlatar from the line of Kuhailan Afas, Bluf from the line of Skovronec and Neapol from the line of Mansur. Regarding the speed, the genetic superiority of Zlotnik and Zlatar was well expressed and regarding the earnings of Zlotnik and Neapol.
The sires Zlotnik, Neapol and Frangepan left offsprings exceeding the average in the Shagia type herd. The offsprings of Neapol had the best race potential. The stallions Zlotnik and Eliot were the best regarding the earnings.

Key words: Arabian breed, race abilities, breeding value stallions