Effect of Some Fungicides upon Causes of Charcoal Rot of Sunflower


Complex Experimental Station, BG 8600 Yambol, Bulgaria


ALEXANDROV, V., 2000. Effect of some fungicides upon causes of charcoal rot of sunflower. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 6: 175-178

Under laboratory conditions the effect of some fungicides upon the charcoal rot's causes was tested. The fungicides metil-topsin 70NP supperess the growth of the pathogen's mycelium, but the preparation ronilan 50NP doesn't influence it.
The fungicides, which showed a suppresing effect upon the pathogen in vitro were comparatively tested in the period 1995-1996 under field conditions. The tested preparations showes low effectiveness (from 7,3% to 14,9%) upon the size of attack by the disease and that's why they cann't be applied in order to control it.

Key words: sunflower, charcoal rot, fungicide