Sources of Specific Variance and Heritability of Race Time and Speed in Horses from Thoroughbred Arabian Breed


Research Buffalo Institute with Center of Biotechnology, BG 9700 Shoumen, Bulgaria


SABEVA, I., 2000. Sources of specific variance and heritability of race time and speed in horses from thoroughbred Arabian breed. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 6: 223-226

The study was based on the results from the race traits of thoroughbred Arabian horses, born in "Kabiuk" stud during the last two generation intervals. The analyses of variance and the heritability were calculated by mixed model methodology.
Basic sources of phenotypic variation of the race time were the lines, the track condition and the distances, and of the speed the lines and the track condition. There was established average high genetic determination of the examined traits.
The best LS-estimations belong to the representatives of the line of the stallion Mansur. The line of Kuhailan Afas possesses constants round the average of the population. The horses had the best performance regarding the race time and speed mainly in middle distances.

Key words: Arabian breed, horses, race time, speed