Decrease of Immunogenesity of Avian Pox Virus Strains after Their Cell-Culture Adaptation


Institute of Forestry, Department of Veterinary Medicine, BG-1504 Sofia, Bulgaria


ANGELOV, A., 2000. Decrease of immunogenesity of avian pox virus strains after their cell-culture adaptation. BuIg.J.Agric. Sci., 6: 126-128

Three chicken groups were vaccinated by using the wing-web method with a needle applicator with three chicken-embryo cultivated avian pox virus strains and their branches adapted in fowl fibroblast cell culture for five passages. Twenty six days after vaccination chickens were provoked by using the other wing web with a chicken-embryo cultivated strain.
The results show that two of the adapted strains have not protected the experimental chicken after provocation.

Key words: immunogenesity, avian pox virus strains, cell culture
Abbreviations: KF chicken embryo fibroblast cell cultures