Correlations and Regressions between Main Quantitative Characters in Some Mulberry Varieties


Sericultural Experiment Station, BG-3000 Vratza, Bulgaria


PETKOV, Z., 2000 Correlations and regressions between main quantitative characters in some mulberry varieties. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 6: 561-565

A detailed study on correlations and regressions between main quantitative characters with economical and selectional meaning in five mulberry varieties have been made. It was found that correlations between most valuable characters for selection were highest in Vratza 1 and Uhvi varieties and often these correlations were significant and with proved differences towards another varieties. From the results obtained it may be concluded that knowledge of the dependencies between separate mulberry quantitative characters will give an assistance to selectionists in improving the depended characters and in certain degree will permit to prognosticate the results from selection. Vratza 1 and Uhvi varieties are the most perspective as initial material in mulberry selection towards studied varieties because of their highest quantity of main morphological characters with biggest economical meaning .

Key words: mulberry selection, correlation, regression, quantitative characters