About new Methods for Mulberry Vegetable Resources Investigation


Sericultural Experiment Station, BG-3000 Vratza, Bulgaria


PETKOV, Z., 2000. About new methods for mulberry vegetable resources investigation. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 6: 481-484

For unification of mulberry resources evaluation in Bulgaria a new method is requisited, consistent with increased requirements towards progress of investigation-introduction process. Different morphological characters of leaves, sorosis, branches and other organs of the trees, put under pruning of all branches every year are used for botanical description in moriculture. Long-standing observations and studies at Sericultural Experiment Station, Vratza mulberry germplasm and some elements from studies by Dandin and Jolly (1988), Nedev et al. (1979) and Nikolov et al. (1980) have been used. The complete methods for mulberry resources investigation includes the followed main parts: 1. Phytogeographyc information. 2. Morphological characteristics. 3. Anatomycal and cytological information. 4. Reproductive structure and characteristics of multiplication. 5. Tolerance towards ecological parameters. 6. Tolerance towards main mulberry pests and diseases. 7. Economic characteristics. The present methods will unificate the investigations and valuation of mulberry resources and afford an opportunity for their characterisation in details. It could take place in variety testing activity and in in moriculture researches.

Key words: methods for mulberry vegetable resources investigation, Morus spp., classification