Phenological Development and Morphological Features of Ukraian Mulberry Varieties, Introduced in Bulgaria


1 Sericultural Experiment Station BG-3000 Vratza, Bulgaria
2 Institute of Sericulture, Mereffa, Ukraine


PETKOV, Z. and L. ALEKSEICHENKO, 2000. Phenological development and morphological features of Ukraian mulberry varieties, introduced in Bulgaria. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 6: 179-182

The aim of the present study was to investigate the phenological development and morphological characters of Ukraian mulberry varieties Ukraian 1, Ukraian 9, Ukraian 107 and Harkovska 3, introduced in Bulgaria. They weren`t established significant differences between phenological development of tested Ukraian varieties and average data for rest of mulberry varieties, belonged to Morus spp. and they have developed normally in the climate conditions of Bulgaria. The tested varieties manifest the typicall for their varieties and species morphological characters of branches, buds and leaves. Harkovska 3 mulberry variety is suitable for early spring silkworm rearings, because of it earlier leaf appearance, therefore Ukraian 1, Ukraian 9 and Ukraian 107 varieties are suitable for normal and late spring silkworm rearings. Because of their well acclimatisation in Bulgarian climate conditions and their good characters Ukraian mulberry varieties Ukraian 1, 9, 107 and Harkovska 3 could be devided into practice for silkworm rearings, and Ukraian 1 and Harkovska 3 varieties could take place in the mulberry selection programs.

Key words: Morus spp., mulberry varieties, phenological development, acclimatisation, morphological characters