The Cement Dust "Pepelina" as a Mineral Supplement in Diet for Fattening Young Bullocks


Buffalo Research Institute with Biotechnology Center, BG-9700 Shoumen, Bulgaria


DIMOV, K., 2000. The cement dust "Pepelina" as a mineral supplement in diet for fattening young bullocks. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 6: 107-110

Effect of waste product of cement industry "Pepelina" as a sourse of macro- and microelement in the rations for fathening young cattle has been studied.
There is not significant effect of supplement on average daily gain on live weight, net gain and feed conversion ratio, compared to control group.
Percent of bones in the cool carcass is higher (P < 0.01) and percent of meat and fat lower (P < 0.01) in bullocks of the experimental group than of control group.
There have not been observed significant differences in the traits characterizing the quality of meat.

Key words: bullocks, cement dust, mineral supplement, live weight gain, carcass composition, meat quality