Changes in Some Fish Blood Parameters Produced by Sodium and Potassium Nitrate Mixture and by Its Combination with Extract from Cynara scolimus L.


1 Thracian University, Faculty of Agriculture, BG-6000 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
2 Thracian University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, BG-6000 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria


POPOVA, M., Ch. POPOV, D. PAVLOV and Y. STAYKOV, 1999. Changes in some fish blood parameters produced by sodium and potassium nitrate mixture and by its combination with extract from Cynara scolimus L. BuIg. J.Agric. Sci., 5: 945-948

Mixture from sodium and potassiun nitrates (1:1 ratio) induced statistically significant increase of methemoglobin, total lipids and ceruloplasmin in fish blood and blood plasma. The xenohiotics examined changed slightly aspartate aminotransferase, alkaline and acid phosphatase activities as well as the protein content in blood plasma. These deviations from the control values were found to be antagonised partly or completely by the total extract from artichoke plant.

Key words: cerulopiasmin, extract of Cynara scolimus L., methemoglobin, nitrates, tilapia fish, total lipids
Abbreviations: AP acid phosphatase; ALP alkaline phosphatase; AsAT aspartate aminotransferase; CP ceruloplasmin: ECS extract of the plant Cynara scolimus L. (artichoke); LP lipid peroxidation; MtHb maethemoglobin; TL total lipids; TP total protein