Influence of Selenium and Iodine Supplementation on the Daily Milk, Fat and Protein Production During the Grazing Period of Sheep


Complex Experimental Station, BG-4700 Smoljan, Bulgaria


ODJAKOVA, Ts., 1999. Influence of selenium and iodine supplementation on the daily milk, fat and protein production during the grazing period of sheep. Bul. J. Agric. Sci., 5: 901-905

The supplementation of the lactating sheep during the grazing period with 0.26 mg Se/day as NaHSeO3 and 0.10 mg I/day as KI had a positive effect on the milk yield and the milk composition. The unsupplemented ewe's produced about 11% less milk with higher percentage of fat an lower percentage of protein. The daily fat and protein production have been negatively influenced. For a normal milk production and milk performance was needed a correction on Se and I offer in the ration of lactating sheep in some endemic region Bulgaria.

Key words: sheep, selenium-iodine deficiency, milk production and composition