Marketing Survey among Private Farmers about the Business and Services They Prefer


University of Rousse, Business Faculty, BG–7017 Rousse, Bulgaria


NAYDENOV, N. and L. LIUBENOV, 1999. Marketing survey among private farmers about the business and services they prefer. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 5: 669-675

Results of a marketing survey among private farmers are analysed about the farming business type they preferred, as well as on the potential demand of technical, marketing, information and other services needed in agriculture. It was concluded that most significant causes for the difficulties in the development of private farming are:
• the discrepancy between low selling prices of output agricultural produce and high prices of the resources needed, such as machinery and materials;
• the lack of enough agricultural machinery of their own;
• the lack of sufficient financial loans for agriculture and high interest rate on borrowed capital.
The mixed farming system (simultaneously arable and livestock production) is most preferred. The farm size wanted is relatively small – on average 75 ha and the size of own land is approximately 7 ha. There is willingness for buying second hand machines from EU countries, mainly combine harvesters. Big potential demand for harvesting services has existed and still exists. There is also significant interest in using repair services, marketing and information services, etc.
The results can be used for facilitating the government policy in agriculture and especially for the purposes of restructuring the service industries in agriculture.

Key words: farm business, management, marketing, agricultural machinery, services