Phenotypic and Genetic Variability of Some Traits Characterizing the Qualities of Fresh Semen in Buffalo Bulls


Buffalo Research Institute with Center of Biotechnology, BG 9700 Shoumen, Bulgaria


KOLEV, Sv. and I. SABEVA, 1999. Phenotypic and genetic variability of some traits characterizing the qualities of fresh semen in buffalo bulls. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 5: 627-630

The influence of great number of genetic and environmental sources of variability has been studied on the variety of the volume the motility, the concentration of spermatozoa and the number of nonmotile spermatozoa of 2905 fresh ejaculates from buffalo bulls. The inheritance and the correlation between the traits have been calculated by mixed model methodology. It has been established a significant individual effect of the bulls about all studied traits. The months have influenced the variety of the volume, the motility and the concentration; the years have influenced the volume, the motility and the number of nonmotile spermatozoa. The age variability has been mathematically proved regarding the motile and nonmotile gametes. Out of the climatic factors, the influence of the atmosphere pressure on the volume and the maximum temperatures on the volume and the nonmotile spermatozoa has been significant.
The volume of the ejaculates has got high genetic determination and low genotypic and high phenotypic correlations with the rest traits. The motility, the concentration and the fraction of nonmotile spermatozoa have got low inheritance. The genetic correlations between the motility and the concentration and between the motile and nonmotile gametes have average high quantities.

Key words: buffalo bulls, sperm, inheritance, correlations