Effect of Different Feeding Levels of First Litter Sows during Pregnancy on the Changes in Body Weight


Institute of Animal Science, BG-2232 Kostinbrod, Bulgaria


IGNATOVA, M. and D. VASSILEV, 1999. Effect of different feeding levels of first litter sows during pregnancy on the changes in body weight. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 5: 621-626

The impact of the level of feeding on the changes in body weight of sows during their first reproductive cycle is studied by ANOVA. The study comprises data on 149 primaparous sows: 73 of Large White and 76 of F1 cross Camborough. Three levels of feeding of sows during pregnancy are considered in the analyses: medium (M) of 270 kg food intake; low (L) 220 kg and high (H) 410 kg.
Level of feeding affects significantly sow's live weights at 110th day of pregnancy, after farrowing and at weaning (P<0.001). Along with the increase of the level of feeding from 220 to 410 kg food intake the average gain in sows' weight has increased from 48.38 to 69.99 kg (P<0.001). There is an increase of sows' live weight of the L-group by 11.2 kg on average, whilst for the H-group there is a loss recorded at 19.2 kg on average during the lactation period.

Key words: primaparous sows, level of feeding, gestation, live weight change
Abbreviations: ANOVA analysis of variance, F-test Fisher's significance test inference, LS-mean least squares mean