Information Needs of Farm Structures in Transition. Asymmetric Information Approach


University for National and World Economy, Department of Agribusiness, BG-1000 Sofia, Bulgaria


AIKOVA, R and TERZIEV, D., 1999. Information needs of farm structures in transition. asymmetric information approach. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 5:375-382

This paper is concentrated on the specific characteristics of farmerís needs of information in the process of transition. The study is based on transaction cost economics and asymmetric information approach. Some methodological problems are analyzed in the beginning and the Key Success Factors approach is chosen as the most appropriate for such kind of study. It is modified in some extend, according to the characteristics of Bulgarian agriculture.
Following this approach 39 farms from different types are investigated, key success factors for development are formulated and the information needs are studied.
In conclusion, a concept of information service for farmers in transition and Pre-Accession stage is developed. Decisions are proposed for the main problems in the area; collection of comparative data; collection of data for real processes, not only for farming, for EU and world standarts and tendencies; rights of access to already collected data; etc. The positive solutions of these problems will help farmers to be winners, not losers at the market.

Key words: asymmetric information, transaction cost economics, institutions

* Prof. Rossitsa Aikova is a Head of Department of Agribusiness, University for National and World Economy (UNWE). Dr. Dimitar Terziev is a Senior Assistant Professor at the Department of Agribusiness, UNWE