Archive Volume 25

Number 1

Agricultural Economics


Sustainability analysis of dairy cattle farms and their susceptibility to climatic hazards in the semi-arid area of Setif (Algeria)

Abdenour Bir, Mohamed Benidir, Sarah Ikhlef

Received: 01.02.2018; Accepted: 17.04.2018

The impact of CAP subsidies on the agricultural enterprise’s production structure

Angel Sarov, Krasimir Kostenarov

Received: 01.08.2018; Accepted: 17.11.2018

Current status and conditions for agritourism development in the Lombardy region

Michal Roman, Bartosz Golnik

Received: 15.03.2018; Accepted: 02.05.2018

Overseas cultivation: the complimentary approach for developing food security

A. A. Kalbasi Esfahani, Seyed Mehdi Mirdamadi, Seyed Jamal Farajollah Hosseini, Farhad Lashgarara

Received: 11.03.2018; Accepted: 20.04.2018


Isolation and screening of calcareous and non calcareous soil rhizobacteria producing osmoprotectant and indol acetic acid in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Yekti Maryani, Sudadi, W. S. Dewi, Ahmad Yunus

Received: 10.07.2017; Accepted: 22.01.2018

Carbon dioxide emission and carbon sequestration potential in Alfisol

Jauhari Syamsiyah, Bambang Hendro Sunarminto, Eko Hanudin, Jaka Widada, Mujiyo

Received: 03.01.2018; Accepted: 07.03.2018


Study on seed yield components depending on the duration of vegetation period in soybean

Galina Naydenova, Natalia Georgieva

Received: 23.04.2018; Accepted: 08.05.2018

Lead toxicity affects growth and biochemical content in various genotypes of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

Abdul Latief A. Al-Ghzawi, Wesam Al Khateeb, Abdoul Rjoub, Abdel Rahman M. Al-Tawaha, Iyad Musallam, Khaldoun O. Al Sane

Received: 17.03.2018; Accepted: 21.05.2018

Effect of drought stress and silica spraying on some physiological and functional traits of canola cultivars

Ebrahim Fani, Payman Hassibi, Mousa Meskarbashee, Khosro Mehdi Khanlou, Seyed Abdolreza Seyedahmadi

Received: 13.08.2018; Accepted: 27.11.2018

Oil yield determinant of sunflower in climatically different regions of Iran

Mehdi Ghaffari, Araz Mohammad Nouri Rad Davaji, Farshad Nasser Ghadimi

Received: 18.02.2018; Accepted: 19.04.2018

Effect of salt stress on in vitro grown Solanum nigrum L.

Wesam Al Khateeb, Riyadh A. Basahi, Hajer Al-Qwasemeh

Received: 29.05.2018; Accepted: 17.11.2018

Economic viability of including crude humic substances, chicken litter biochar, and clinoptilolite zeolite in rice cultivation on acid soils

Perumal Palanivell, Osumanu Haruna Ahmed, Omar Latifah, Nik Muhamad Abdul Majid

Received: 21.02.2018; Accepted: 25.05.2018


The genotype selection of M3 generation of Kipas Putih soybean with gamma-rays irradiation on agronomic characters, early maturity and high yielding mutants

Nilahayati, Rosmayati, Diana Sofia Hanafiah, Fauziyah Harahap

Received: 01.02.2018; Accepted: 17.04.2018


Weed flora of potato crop in Kosovo

Arben Mehmeti, Rozafa Fetahaj, Luan Tiriqi, Muhamet Zogaj, Adem Demaj

Received: 11.02.2018; Accepted: 23.04.2018

Comparative testing of herbicides in newly planted vineyard

Neli Prodanova-Marinova, Emil Tsvetanov, Anatoli Iliev

Received: 24.04.2018; Accepted: 02.05.2018


The influence of crossbreeding on the protein composition, nutritional and energy value of cow milk

Оleksandr O. Borshch, Оleksandr V. Borshch, Lesia T. Kosior, Iryna A. Lastovska, Liudmyla V. Pirova

Received: 23.02.2018; Accepted: 13.04.2018

Evaluation of aflatoxin M1 by ELISA in raw milk in Kosovo during 2016

Arieta Camaj, Tahir Arbneshi, Bajram Berisha, Arben Haziri, Afërdita Camaj

Received: 18.03.2018; Accepted: 15.05.2018

Influence of using seeds of flax and raps in cow rates on the quality of milk and dairy products

Elena Kislyakova, Galina Berezkina, Svetlana Vorobyeva, Sergey Kokonov, Igor Strelkov

Received: 29.01.2018; Accepted: 19.04.2018

Effect of feed supply on milk yield and lipid composition in Algerian dairy cows

Amel Kouidri, Amel Meribai, Abdelouaheb Nouani, Mouloud Mohand Bellal, Bachar Zebib, Othmane Merah

Received: 23.03.2018; Accepted: 19.04.2018

Factors influencing farmers decision on breeding objectives and selection criteria for sheep breeds in Abu Dhabi Emirate, UAE

Mohammad J. Tabbaa, Faisal S. Barakeh, Maher M. Baker

Received: 20.04.2018; Accepted: 17.05.2018


Effect of the GDF9 gene on the weight of lambs at birth

Lyubov Getmantseva, Nekruz Bakoev, Nadezhda Shirokova, Maria Kolosova, Siroj Bakoev, Anatoly Kolosov, Aleksander Usatov, Varvara Shevtsova, Yuri Kolosov

Received: 16.03.2018; Accepted: 11.05.2018

Microsatellite markers – a tool for molecular characterization of cattle genetic resources

Denis Viryanski

Received: 10.08.2018; Accepted: 17.10.2018


Functional and morphological groups in the phytoplankton of large reservoirs used for aquaculture in Bulgaria

Kostadin Dochin

Received: 04.04.2018; Accepted: 17.04.2018


The impact of motor activity level of newborn calves with dyspepsia on correction efficiency of hypercoagulation state in them with the help of gamavit

Vera D. Fomina, Grigory G. Arslanian, Galina S. Mal, Olga N. Makurina

Received: 18.03.2018; Accepted: 15.05.2018


Monitoring of some indicators of lead and cadmium spread along the trophic chain ‘feed – animals – food’ in a region with an increased ecological Clarc

Dimo Penkov, Hristo Hristev

Received: 28.03.2018; Accepted: 15.05.2018


Kinetic and microbiological dependencies in the process of fermentation of goat milk, enriched with lactulose

Iliana Nacheva

Received: 16.04.2018; Accepted: 23.04.2018

Effect of the assistance of microwave and oxalic acid on the extraction yield of pectin from pomelo (Citrus maxima) peel

Le Pham Tan Quoc

Received: 09.02.2018; Accepted: 13.04.2018

Ultrasound-assisted and agitated enzymatic extraction of pectin from red beet (Beta vulgaris L. var. conditiva) roots

Shukhrat M. Velyamov, Seit S. Jingilbaev, Stepan G. Akterian

Received: 23.03.2018; Accepted: 11.05.2018


Optimum use of the irrigational water in a wide-spaced irrigation technology

Milena Moteva, Georgi Kostadinov

Received: 22.01.2018; Accepted: 08.05.2018

Analysis of water balance to determine cropping patterns of food crop in sub-watershed Tenggarong, Kutai Kartanegara regency

Akas Pinaringan Sujalu, M. Hidayanto, Yossita Fiana, Akas Yekti Pulihasih

Received: 06.02.2018; Accepted: 03.04.2018