Supplements Volume 24

Number 1


Mathematical- statistical analyzes of the influence of leaf fertilizers on the biometrics of common wheat

Antonia Stoyanova and Velika Kuneva

Nitrogen and phosphorus balances as dependent on durum wheat fertilization

Galia Panayotova, Svetla Kostadinova, Stela Aleksieva, Nina Slavova and Caterina Aladzhova

Economic evaluation of durum wheat fertilization in Bulgaria

Galia Panayotova and Svetla Kostadinova

Efficacy of herbicides and herbicide combinations at winter oilseed canola (Brassica napus L.)

Grozi Delchev and Teodora Barakova

Efficacy of herbicides and herbicide combinations at sorghum (Sorghum bicolor Moench.)

Grozi Delchev and Teodora Barakova

Chemical composition, mineral content, in vitro gas production and relative feed value of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni

Mariya Gerdzhikova, Dimitar Pavlov, Neli Grozeva, Milena Tzanova, Diman Dimanov, Svetoslava Terzieva and Jivko Krastanov

Biophysical coefficients of irrigated sudan grass grown as a second crop

Rumen Bazitov, Antonia Stoyanova and Stanimir Enchev

Karyological study of genus Atriplex L. in Bulgaria

Neli H. Grozeva

Chromosome and pollen morphology of Salsola soda L. and Salsola tragus L. in Bulgaria

Neli Grozeva, Svetoslava Terzieva, Maria Gerdzhikova and Dimitar Pavlov


Influence of nutrition on the milk urea level in Bulgarian Brown cattle breed cows

Milena Mihaylova, Gancho Ganchev, Yovka Fenerova, Stayka Laleva and Nedka Dimova

Somatic cell count in milk and its relation with clinical mastitis and linear type traits in black-and-white cows

Ivaylo Marinov

Haematological parameters in Lacaune ewes associated to the parity

Todor Slavov, Dimitar Panayotov, Ivelina Nedeva, Veselin Radev and Ivan Varlyakov

Live weight and intensity of growth of lambs from Lacaune breed raised in Bulgaria

Dimitar Panayotov, S. Sevov and D. Georgiev

Milk yield and morphological characteristics of the udder of sheep from the breed Lacaune in Bulgaria

Dimitar Panayotov, S. Sevov and D. Georgiev

Physico-chemical and technological characteristics of Lacaune ewe’s milk

Dimitar Panayotov, Nikolina Naydenova, Gyurga Mihaylova and Todor Iliev

Milking behaviour of Saanen goats

Ivan Varlyakov, Todor Slavov, Veselin Radev, Ivelina Nedeva and Georgi Nikolov

Heavy metals concentrations in organs of red foxes (Vulpes vulpes Linnaeus, 1758) and golden jackals (Canis aureus Linnaeus, 1758) inhabiting the “Sarnena Sredna gora” mountain in Bulgaria

Dian Georgiev, Evgeniy Raichev, Lilko Dospatliev, Miroslava Ivanova, , Stanislava Peeva, Silviya Kalcheva and Kremena Georgieva


The influence of Salvia hispanica as a substitution of fish meal on the growth performance and economic parameters of common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.), raised in net cages

Yordan Cherpokov

Effect of dietary phytoextracts supplementation on growth performance and production efficiency of common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.), cultivated in recirculation system

Kremena Georgieva

Effect of synbiotic dietary supplementation on growth, physiological and immunological parameters in common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) fingerlings and on yield and physiological parameters in lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.), cultivated in mesocosmos aquaponic system

Ivaylo Sirakov, Katya Velichkova, Stefka Stoyanova, Miroslava Kaymakanova, Desislava Slavcheva-Sirakova, Rayna Atanasova and Yordan Staykov


Growth parameters, protein and photosynthetic pigment content of Chlorella vulgaris cultivated under photoautotrophic and mixotrophic conditions

Katya Velichkova and Ivaylo Sirakov


Hygienic behaviour of bee colonies and total protein content in the haemolymph of worker bees (Apis mellifera L.)

Svilen Lazarov and Ivanka Zhelyazkova


Differentiation of fresh and frozen-thawed poultry breast meat by Near Infrared Spectroscopy

Stefka Atanassova, Todor Stoyanchev, Dimitar Yorgov and Veselin Nachev


Agro-ecological assessment of Sokolitsa river water affected by open coal mining activity in the largest energy complex in Bulgaria

Diyana Dermendzhieva, Gergana Kostadinova, Georgi Petkov, Rodne Nastova and Iveta Dineva