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From the beginning of 1995 the Agricultural Academy in Bulgaria is publishing Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science® (BJAS) - the first agricultural scientific journal in Bulgaria for fundamental and applied researches, published entirely in English language, and one of the few such journals in Central Europe.
Bulgaria is an agricultural country with traditions and long standing experience in the development of agrarian science and production. BJAS, printing in English, in accordance with international standards,provides possibilities for Bulgarian agricultural science to enter adequately into the worlds scientific field, to find its place in reviews, abstracts and electronic means for processing and transfer of scientific information. Besides scientific articles provided in Bulgarian universities and research institutes, BJAS publishes also articles from Eastern Europe and other countries all over the world. The Editorial board of the journal includes prominent scholars from Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Italy, Spain, Japan, Greece, Bulgaria and other countries.

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Volume 24 Number 2 April 2018

Agricultural Management

The probability of farm’s diversification - on the example of Central Pomerania in Poland

Kurdyś-Kujawska, A., D. Zawadzka and A. Sompolska-Rzechuła

Dynamics of landuse changes and general perception of farmers on South Sumatra wetlands

Wildayana, E. and M. E. Armanto

Comparing rice farming apperance of different agroecosystem in South Sumatra, Indonesia

Zahri, I., D. Adriani, E. Wildayana, Sabaruddin and M.U. Harun

Agricultural Economics

Impact of the Common Agricultural Policy payments towards Romanian farms

Galluzzo, N.

The effect of charity attitude and economic condition on the farmers’ household food security

Hendrarini, H., R.J. Sunarsono, T. Soedarto, E. Nurhadi, Kusnandar and E.S. Rahayu

Application of data envelopment analysis for technical efficiency of smallholder pearl millet farmers in Kano State, Nigeria

Mukhtar, U., Z. Mohamed, M.N. Shamsuddin, J. Sharifuddin and A. Iliyasu

Plant Science

Effect of the altitude and summer pruning on the anatomical structure of grape berry exocarp of Vranec cultivar (Vitis vinifera L.)

Nedelkovski, D., I. Semerdjieva, V. Roychev and T. Mokreva

Ultrasound-assisted extraction of phenolic compounds from Polygonum multiflorum Thunb. roots

Quoc, Le P.T. and N.V. Muoi

Growth performance of guava cutting under different growing media and plant cutting taking height

Qadri, R., M. Azam, S.B. Khan, I. Khan, I. Ul Haq, Y. Yang, M. Muzammil J., M. A. Ghani and M. Moazzam

Betterment of biological nitrogen fixation in snap bean under Mediterranean semi-arid conditions

Beltayef, H., M. Melki, W. Saidi, S. Samaali, A. Muscolo, C. Cruz and T. Garoui

Plant Pathology and Protection

Selenium and its effect on plant-parasite system Meloidogyne arenaria - Tiny Tim tomatoes

Baycheva, O., H. Samaliev, Z. Udalova, K. Trayanov, S. Zinovieva and G. Folman

Trait associations’ analysis of blast resistant segregating populations of rice

Govintharaj, P., S. Manonmani and S. Robin


Pyrolysis optimization of agricultural waste using Taguchi L9 orthogonal array design

Flores, R.A.C., F.P. García, E.M.O. Sánchez, A.M.B. Miró and O.A.A. Sandoval

Morphology and anomaly of the scull of zoo Lynx lynx (Carnivora: Felidae): Ecological aspects for further reintroduction

Mihaylov, R., R. Dimitrov, S. Krastev and K. Stamatova-Yovcheva

Studying development of Hermetia illucens fly larvae cultivated on high cellulose plant substrates

Yurina, O.V. and V.P. Karagodin

Agrochemistry and Soil Science

Microelements (Cu, Mo, Zn, Mn, Fe) in corn grain according to their availability in the fallow sod-podzolic soil profile

Enakiev, Y.I., A.R. Bahitova and V.M. Lapushkin

Animal Science

Studies of the exterior of the Karakachan horse breed

Popova, M., V. Nikolov, N. Krastev and G. Gradev

Reproductive performance of Hair goat and growth traits of Hair goat and Saanen x Hair (F1) crossbred kids in rural conditions

Çelik, H.T. and M. Olfaz

Comparison on the effects of several leaf meal kinds included in diets of laying hens on egg yield and quality

Hien, T.Q, T.T. Hoan, M.A. Khoa, T.T. Kien and T.Q. Trung

The effects of phytase in nitrogen and phosphorus excretion of laying hens fed reduced protein levels

Muji, S., M. Kamberi, A. Kryeziu, R. Kastrati and N. Mestani

Food Science and Technologies

Determination of the coefficient of diffusion of extracts from goji berry (Lycium barbarum) fruits

Taneva, I., M. Dimov, Z. Zlatev and S. Baycheva

Microbiological study of traditional cheese produced in Rugova region of Kosovo

Ajazi, F.C., K. Kurteshi, M.A. Ehrmann, R. Gecaj, M. Ismajli, B. Berisha and I. Vehapi

Agricultural Technology

New solution – cultivation and storage of soft fruits and vegetables in chambers of the “containers” type with positive temperatures (Container Skyscraper, Mumbai, India)

Aleksandrov, Y.

Method of adaptive control of effective energy lighting of greenhouses in the visible optical range

Vovna, O., I. Laktionov, S. Sukach, M. Kabanets and E. Cherevko