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From the beginning of 1995 the Agricultural Academy in Bulgaria is publishing Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science® (BJAS) - the first agricultural scientific journal in Bulgaria for fundamental and applied researches, published entirely in English language, and one of the few such journals in Central Europe.
Bulgaria is an agricultural country with traditions and long standing experience in the development of agrarian science and production. BJAS, printing in English, in accordance with international standards,provides possibilities for Bulgarian agricultural science to enter adequately into the worlds scientific field, to find its place in reviews, abstracts and electronic means for processing and transfer of scientific information. Besides scientific articles provided in Bulgarian universities and research institutes, BJAS publishes also articles from Eastern Europe and other countries all over the world. The Editorial board of the journal includes prominent scholars from United Kingdom, Belgium, Slovenia, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

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Volume 21 Number 2 April 2015

Agricultural Economics

Edible Plants Sold on Marginal Rural Markets in Fergana Valley, Southern Kyrgyzstan

Vlkova, M., V. Verner, A. Kandakov, Z. Polesny, N. Karabaev, L. Pawera, I. Nadvornikova and J. Banout

Profitability Analysis of Sustainable Cotton Production: A Case Study of Cotton – Wheat Farming System in Bahawalpur District of Punjab

Awan, S. A., M. Ashfaq, S. A. A. Naqvi, S. Hassan, M. A. Kamran, A. Imran and A. H. Makhdum


Electric Energy Production from Swine Deject: Analysis of Financial Feasibility with the Use of Monte Carlo Simulation for the Implantation of Bio-Digester in Brazil

Catapan, A., A. Souza, D. C. Catapan and J. H. Harzer

Ecology, Agrotechnics and Soil Science

The Determination of Total Antioxidant Activity, Phenolics and Pigments During Vegetative and Reproductive Periods of Onosma Species

Sivaci, A., R. Binzet, S. Duman and H. I. Teke

Nitrogen Fertilization and Microelements Influences Growth Index and Yield in Dracocephalum (Dracocephalum moldavica L.)

Nejatzadeh-Barandozi, F., E. H. Shahvaladi and F. Gholami-Borujeni

Identification of Banana Accessions Sampled from Subtropical Region of Turkey Using Srap Markers

Pinar, H., A. Uzun, M. Unlu, M. Bircan, O. Gulsen, C. Yilmaz and H. Gubbuk

Flora and Vegetation of the Protected Area Elenina Bara in the Lyulin Mountain

Vutov, V. and D. Dimitrov

Production of Indole-3-Acetic Acid by Bacillus Isolated from Different Soils

Chagas Junior, A. F., A. G. De Oliveira, L. A. De Oliveira, G. R. Dos Santos, L. F. B. Chagas, A. L. Lopes Da Silva and J. Da Luz Costa

Blocking the Systemic Spread of Potato Virus Y in the Tissues of Potatoes by Posttranscriptional Gene Silencing

Petrov, N., A. Teneva, M. Stoyanova, R. Andonova, I. Denev and N. Tomlekova

Plant Sciences

Effects of Heavy Metals from Polluted Soils on the Roots and Nodules Formation

Klimek-Kopyra, A., A. Baran, T. Zając and B. Kulig

Variations in the Chloroplast Ultrastructure in in vitro-cultured Hypericum spp. Plants

Stefanova, M., D. Koleva and T. Ganeva

Vegetative Behaviors and Productivity of Pepper after Application of Plant Growth Promoting Microorganisms

Panayotov, N., K. Sapundjieva, M. Naydenov and Y. Kartalska

Verify the Resistance to Rhizomania Disease in Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris L.)

Nouhi, A. A., R. Amiri and A. Haghnazari

Economic Evaluation of New Herbicides for Weed Control in Maize Grain

Koprivlenski, V., M. Dimitrova and I. Zhalnov

Effects of Different Vineyard Altitudes and Grapevine Directions on Some Leaf Characteristics of cv. Gamay Vitis vinifera L

Kok, D. and E. Bahar

Container size Effect on the Plant Production and Precocity in Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.)

Bouzo, C. A. and J. C. Favaro

Influence of Chemical Composition on Burn Free of Burley Tobacco

Kirkova, S. and Y. Dyulgerski

Heterosis Effects for Agronomically Important Traits in Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Encheva, J., G. Georgiev and E. Penchev

Modeling of Thin Layer Drying Characteristics of Banana cv. Luvhele

Omolola, A. O., A. I. O. Jideani and P. F. Kapila

Population Dynamics of Thrips (Thrips tabaci) and Ladybird Beetle (Coccinella septempunctata) on Traditional and Transgenic Cultivar of Cotton

Raza, M. F., M. A. Khan, M. Tariq, B. Atta, M. W. Abbas, M. J. Hussain, M. A. Farooq and F. Arshad

How to Propagate No Suckering Hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.)

Roversi, A.

Stability Estimation of Some Mixtures between Retardants and Anticereal Herbicides for Grain Yield of Durum Wheat

Delchev, Gr. and A. Stoyanova

Efficiency and Selectivity of Herbicides in Spring Rape (Brassica napus)

Stoyanova, S.

Toxicity of Some Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs) against Different Life Stages of Dusky Cotton Bugs Oxycarenus hyalinipennis Costa (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae: Oxycareninae)

Atta, B., M. D. Gogi, M. J. Arif, F. Mustafa, M. F. Raza, M. J. Hussain, M. A. Farooq, M. J. Nisar and M. Iqbal

Forest Science

Prevalence and Abundance of Charletonia sp. (Acari: Erythraeidae) in Zonocerus variegatus (Linnaeus, 1958) (Orthoptera: Pyrgomorphidae) Population in the Humid Forest Zone of Southern Cameroon

Kekeunou, S., C. Prombo and J. L. Tamesse

Can Community Forestry Play a Major Role in the Socio-economic Enhancement of Poor Users in Nepal?

Dhruba Bijaya, G. C., Cheng Sheng-Kui, Gao Qijie, Xu. Zengrang, Wang. Ling-En, Jyoti Bhandari, Liu Xiaojie, Gao Liwei and Cao Xiaochang

Animal Science

The Effect of Feeding Different Milk Programs on Dairy Calf Growth, Health and Development

Yavuz, E., N. Todorov, G. Ganchev and K. Nedelkov

The Influence of the Libido of Polish Large White Boars on Their Ejaculates

Szostak, B., A. Apostolov and J. Marchev

The Influence of Body Condition Score on Response of Ewes to the “Ram Effect”

Todorov, N. and K. Nedelkov

Life Duration of Inbred and Outbreed Rabbits, Irradiated with Gamma Rays

Tanchev, S., S. Georgieva, D. Hristova, L. Sotirov, Ts. Koynarski and V. Petrov

Weight Growth of Ile de France Lambs According to the Genealogy Line

Ivanova, T. and E. Raicheva

Glyphosate Induces Morphological and Enzymatic Changes in Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) Liver

Stoyanova, S., V. Yancheva, I. Iliev, T. Vasileva, V. Bivolarski, I. Velcheva and E. Georgieva

Economic Metaanalysis of Impact of Once a Day Milking

Kvapilik, J., O. Hanus, P. Roubal and V. Filip

The Use of Enzymes to Improve Utilization of Nutrient in Poultry Diets

Chotinsky, D.

Milk Yield Performances of Brown Swiss Cows Raised at Mus Alparslan State Farm in Turkey

Cak, B. and O. Yilmaz

Effect of Processed Rice Bran on Growth Performance of Broiler Chicks from Pakistan

Shaheen, M., I. Ahmad, F. M. Anjum, Q-A. Syed and M. K. Saeed

Veterinary Medicine

The Histopathological Investigation of Liver in Experimental Animals after Short-Term Exposures to Pesticides

Rasgele, P. G., M. Oktay, M. Kekecoglu and F. D. G. Muranli

Agricultural Technique

Performance of a Dual Tine and Presswheel Seeding Module for a Range of Speeds, Presswheels and Sowing Tine Alignments

Bayhan, Y., J. Fielke and C. Saglam

Assessment of Quality and Energy of Solid Biofuel Production

Niedziółka, I., M. Kachel-Jakubowska, A. Kraszkiewicz, M. Szpryngiel, M. Szymanek and B. Zaklika.