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Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science (BJAS)® is a peer-reviewed, open access, online and print journal, issued bimonthly. It has been published in English since 1995. It publishes original research papers, review articles and brief communications from all areas of agricultural science including agricultural economics, agroecology, agrochemisty and soil science, crop science, plant protection, animal science, veterinary medicine, fisheries and aquaculture, agricultural engineering, food technologies and other related areas.

ISSN 1310-0351 - print
ISSN 2534-983X - online

Publisher: Agricultural Academy of Bulgaria
Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Martin Banov
Executive editor: Snezhana Besarabova
E-mail: bjas_sb@abv.bg
Web: www.agrojournal.org

Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
125, Tzarigradsko shosse Blvd., Block 1
1113 Sofia, Bulgaria

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Volume 26 Number 1 February 2020


The influence of subsidies and taxes on economic viability of family farms in Lithuania

Erika Besusparienė and Astrida Miceikienė

Analysis of resilience in Romanian rural farm areas by a quantitative approach

Nicola Galluzzo


The role of institutions in the development of agriculture

Petro Putsenteilo, Yuriy Klapkiv, Vitalii Karpenko and Irina Gvozdecka

The identification of ready-to-eat banana’s superior attributes through the fishbein multi-attribute approach

Hamidah Hendrarini, Rifan Jefri Sunarsono, Yuni Erviyanti and Teguh Soedarto


Regional uptake of environmentally focused rural development measures in Bulgaria

Yanka Kazakova-Mateva

Designing a structural model of par­ticipatory management for the development of sustainable urban green spaces

Maryam Bagheri, Seyed Mehdi Mirdamadi, Seyed Jamal Farajollah Hosseini and Farhad Lashgarara

Effects of drought stress in genotypes Sorghum vulgare var. technicum [Körn.] by using su­crose in laboratory condition

Irena Golubinova

Role of different farming systems to assess households’ food security: A case study in Yamethin District, dry zone region of Myanmar

Mee Mee, Pilaiwan Prapruit and Ayut Nissapa


Exploitation of soil properties for controlling herbaceous plant communities in an organic cultivation of Lippia citriodora in the Mediterranean landscape

Alexandra D. Solomou, Elpiniki Skoufogianni and Nicholaos G. Danalatos

The effect of Fluvisol applied biochar on wheat yield and nutrient uptake

Maya Benkova, Lyuba Nenova, Tsetska Simeonova and Irena Atanassova

Model of forage pea (Pisum sativum L.) cultivar in conditions of organic production

Natalia Georgieva, Valentin Kosev

Beneficial effect of Rhizobium inoculation on growth and yield of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) in saline soils

Botir Khaitov, Aziz Karimov, Anvar Abdiev, Jabborov Farrukh and Kee Woong Park


Effect of mechanical and chemical scarifications of date palm seeds (Phoenix dactylifera L.) on in vitro germination

Omar M. Al Zoubi

Milled rice in relation to variety and paddy grain moisture at harvest

Verica Ilieva, Natalija Markova Ruzdik, Darina Vulcheva, Mite Ilievski and Ljupcho Mihajlov


Assessment of genetic variabil­ity, heritability and genetic advance for agro-morphological and some in-vitro related-traits in durum wheat

Shadi Heidari, Peivand Heidari, Reza Azizinezhad, Alireza Etminan and Mahmood Khosroshahli

Hybridological analysis of the size of the leaves in hybrid combinations Burley tobacco

Yovko Dyulgerski


Alelopathic effect of sunflower broomrape (Orobanche cumana Wallr.) on the development of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Shteliyana Kalinova, Plamen Marinov-Serafimov, Irena Golubinova and Valentina Encheva

Bioactivity of some plant essential oils for seed treatment against pulse beetle, Callosobruchus maculatus (F.) (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) on mung bean

Thein Naing Soe, Aran Ngampongsai and Wisut Sittichaya

Influence of some herbicides and herbicide combinations on the structural elements of yield and some quality indicators in common wheat grain

Mitko Georgiev


Investigating cadmium accumulation in wheat and barley cultivars from acidic soil of Central Turkey

Sengul Tongarlak, Mehmet Zengin and Amrakh Mamedov

Assessing the efficiency of different fertilizer type and levels on maize yield

Kyriakos D. Giannoulis, Dimitrios Bartzialis, Elpiniki Skoufogianni and Nicholaos G. Danalatos

Betaine-rich Nano fertilizer improves growth param­eters of Zea mays var. saccharata and Arabidopsis thaliana under salt stress

Fadzil Suhaimi Fadzillah Adibah, Md. Sarwar Jahan and Hasan Nudin Nur Fatihah

Soil fertility evaluation of agricultural areas of cashew community of Catolé Rocha-PB

Josimar N. Silva, Jean C. D. Oliveira, Ênio K. L. Martins, Edivan S. Nunes Júnior, Toni H. S. Irineu, Aridênia P. Chaves and Andpaulo C. A. Linhares


Reclamation of heaps and industrial sites built in the region of Madjarovo mine (Bulgaria)

Martin Banov, Venera Tsolova and Ivaylo Kirilov

Species composition of major pollinators in agricultural agrocenoses

Yanko Dimitrov, Nedyalka Palagacheva, Plamen Zorovski, Stoyan Georgiev, Rositsa Mladenova and Zheko Radev

Karyotype studies of endemic species Moehringia grise­bachii (Caryophyllaceae) from Sredna Gora Mts, Bulgaria

Mariya Zhelyazkova, Neli Grozeva, Svetlana Georgieva


Stress of alpacas caused by shearing in Hungary

Andrea Prágai and Alfréd Kovács


Morphological characteristics, growth and age structure of allochthonous fish pumpkinseed, Lepomis gibbosus in Bara Lake, Croatia

Momotaz Khanom, Muhammad Abdur Rouf, Nazmul Ahsan, Noman Siddiqui and Tea Tomljanović

The influence of Nu Pro® as a substitution of fish meal on the growth performance of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss W.), cultivated in recirculating system

Yordan Cherpokov, Ivaylo Sirakov, Stefka Stoyanova, Katya Velichkova, Apostol Simitchiev, Ventsislav Nenov, Todor Slavov

Effect of Angelica archangelica L. extract on growth performance, meat quality and biochemical blood parameters of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss W.), cultivated in a recirculating system

Radoslav Koshinski, Katya Velichkova, Ivaylo Sirakov and Stefka Stoyanova


A preliminary assessment of trnH-ps­bA as DNA barcode for botanical identification of polyfloral honey samples and comparison with rbcL marker

Ralitsa Balkanska, Katerina Stefanova, Radostina Stoikova-Grigorova and Maya Ignatova


The cleaning capacity and productivity of LECA® and Floating raft aquaponic filters in an inte­grated recirculation system

Ivaylo Sirakov

Influence of initial stocking density on growth performance and survival of European catfish (Silurus glanis L.) larvae under controlled conditions

Vasilka Krasteva